Patient Information


NEW PATIENTS - On your first time into our clinic we will require some information from you.  We would appreciate if you can arrive 15 mins. prior to your appointment time to fill out a chart.  
"ADULT" FIRST VISIT - At this appointment xrays are required so we can do a thorough examination of you teeth and overall oral health.  The Hygienist will clean your teeth, which would include: Scaling, polishing, flouride and Oral Hygiene Instructions.  A complete exam will be done by the Dentist and any treatment needed will be explained to you and appointments set up.

"CHILD" FIRST VISIT - We recommend seeing children as early as their first tooth.  Getting children used to the dentist will help in later years.  This first visit or "Happy Visit" will usually consist of showing the child the insturments and equipment used.  An exam by the dentist and polishing a few teeth is usually all that can be done.  

INSURANCE - As a courtesy to our patients we will accept payment for services rendered. It is the responsibility of each patient to be aware of their individual policy.

CANCELLATION POLICY - Fusion Dental requires a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment.  A missed appointment fee will be charged directly to your account.

1st missed appointment - $50.00
2nd missed appointment - $75.00
3rd missed appointment - $100.00